This macro, fetches IMDB details (rating, cast, genre .. and all of them) for movies located inside a directory and populates the excel.

File Name File Type
imdb.xls Excel/Microsoft Office 2003 and below
imdb.xlsm Excel/Microsoft Office 2007

How to:
1. Download the excel file form here - xls or xlsm.
2. Open the excel file. Enable the macro, if asked.
3. Browse to the directory to process (defaults to current directory).
4. Set hidden to "Y" if you want to consider hidden files.
5. Set 'Best Match' to "Y" if you are 'feeling lucky'.
    Otherwise, this macro tries to find best result for you. But if more than one "good" results are found, it shows all of them.
6. Click "Fetch Data".
7. And wait.

1. Macro should be enabled on excel.
2. Make sure your IE can connect to the internet.

1. This macro looks only for direct children of provided directory (folder or file); no recursion.

Thanks to Yahoo Pipes, IMDB, Microsoft guys, RSS guys and the INTERNET.

Yahoo pipe used:

By NaaN